Parth Samthaan to STRIP for his debut film, Googly Ho Gayi


Here is some EXCLUSIVE dope about the hottie’s debut flick
Parth Samthaan has been quite low-key since quite some time. It is not surprising since he has been busy preparing for his debut flick, Googly Ho Gayi. Here is some piece of news that will make all Parth Samthaan fans sit up. And the girls will surely reach out for a fan. We know that one of the biggest reasons for Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’s success was Parth’s hot quotient. It seems the makers of his film are keen to cash in on his sex appeal.

A source tells us that the producers have shot a sexy rain sequence for the film. We have seen quite a few such scenes on his TV show but this is a full-fledged song. Angela Krislinzki and Parth have shot this number in a swimming pool in the rain. The track is reportedly a melodious sensuous one. We have seen Parth in a swimming pool in the Holi episode of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan and also when he gave Nandini (Niti Taylor) a view of the stars as he held her in his arms in the pool. He will reportedly be seen in the shortest of briefs. A few days back, there was this video of him in boxers but the stud has reportedly exposed a lot more. Ahem.

He has been working out religiously in the gym for the past few months. His Instagram posts are proof of his gruelling workouts. Some fans have also been requesting him to take it easy. Stay tuned for more updates on Bollywood Life…

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