Kasam: Tanuja and Rishi to meet in the store room for the first time


History is all set to repeat itself on the show
Fans of Kasam are really waiting for the love story between Tanuja (Shivani Tomar) and Rishi (Ssharad Malhotra) to get started soon. It seems the makers are also expediting the process. In the coming episodes, we will see the girls Vidhi and Nidhi reaching the Bedi household. Yes, they will go to Bani’s (Roma Bali) home but complain that it is too small. Then, she will send them to the Bedi household with a letter that Bani is suffering from cancer and their parents Neha (Renee Dhyani) and Sandy (Shahraan Singh) are on their death bed and cannot care for them.

It seems the Bedi household will allow them to live in the outhouse of their mansion. The first meeting will take place in the store room like it happened with Tannu (Kratika Sengar) in past life. Thereafter, she will reportedly get a job in Rishi’s office.

A love triangle will also develop between Nakul, Manpreet’s son, Tanuja and Rishi. He will have feelings for her but she will be attracted towards Rishi. This has been reports by some portals. However, in coming episodes we will see Tanuja remembering her past life and marrying Rishi. Will he be able to identify her as his Tanu? The upcoming episodes promise a lot of excitement. Stay tuned for more updates on the same…

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